HIKE OR DIE Outdoor Adventure Podcast Episode 1

Episode 001 – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast

OUR FIRST OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PODCAST IS HERE! It’s time to introduce you to our Outdoor Adventure Podcast and officially launch the first episode. Also available on: iTunes: HIKE OR DIE Outdoor Adventure Podcast Episode 1. Youtube: HIKE OR DIE Outdoor Adventure Podcast Episode 001 PODCAST SHOW NOTES: SHOUT OUTS: Here’s a link to Nate’s Instagram. He’s been a long time supporter of Hike or Die and […]

Peak Design POV Capture mount Review

Capture P.O.V. Action Camera Mount Review by Peak Design

I was nearing the end of an 8 month hike-planning extravaganza when my conversations with the Peak Design team began. The timing couldn’t have been better as I was only weeks out from a 7 day solo hike along The Overland Track in Tasmania. Like any other photography/videography/hiking gear junkie, I meticulously research every piece of gear under the sun so I’d already heard of the […]

The UK's Top Wildlife Hikes

Top Wildlife Hikes of the UK

Here in Australia we are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to wildlife viewing. With big drawcards like crocodiles, kangaroos, koalas, emus, snakes (and literally hundreds more) easily accessible to any hiker, they can also easily be taken for granted. While the UK is not the vast expanse of untouched wilderness we are used to here, you can still see some pretty amazing wildlife […]



Everything is ready to go. All of your planning and packing is taken care of. Now it’s time to cover off some outdoors safety points before I let you out into the wild. PART 5. YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO SAFE: I’m covering this topic last but not because of its lack of importance. I want to reinforce the importance of basic safety precautions and […]



Any kind of solo adventure can be an extremely rewarding experience. But just how enjoyable that experience is comes down to your planning. When I first got into solo hiking and canoeing I made more than a few mistakes. I’d often bite off far more than I could chew and it didn’t always taste good. Since then I’ve clocked up some significant solo experience and […]

The best Outdoors Instagram accounts of October 2015

Each month I list the top 5 Outdoors Instagram accounts that have inspired me with stunning photography, interesting story-telling or a combination of both. So here we go: October was yet another month of stunning scenery but when I look back on my Top 5, I think it represents much more than that. It’s the emotions, power, and colours of nature that make you want […]

Hike or Die TV: Episode 11 – SURVIVAL CHALLENGE Part 4 – The real test of a Survival Kit

Join us on our fourth and final day of Survival Challenge as we continue to live only from the contents of our personal survival kits. There’s no doubt that we’re mentally stronger for having put ourselves through such an ordeal. We’ve also identified flaws in both our skills and our gear that we can now improve upon and give ourselves the best possible chance of surviving, should we […]