EPISODE 025: Hiking Training Specialist Chase Tucker – HIKE OR DIE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PODCAST

Training to climb mountains

When you take a look at Chase Tucker’s credentials and experience it starts to become very clear that he is a voice worth listening to in the world of hiking and climbing fitness. Aside from perhaps the more typical Personal Trainer and Fitness qualifications, Chase has also acquired Altitude Training and Expedition Leader experience. When you speak to him though, here’s no mistaking where his true love lies. It’s Strength and Conditioning Coaching, specifically for mountain climbers and hikers, and he’s happy to tell you all about it.

What I really love about Chase is his calm and balanced demeanour despite all of his experience and qualifications. He presents his YouTube videos with a no-fuss, no-BS delivery that I found extremely refreshing in a sea of “fitness gurus” on the internet.

My goal while talking to him on the podcast was to get some tips and advice for our listeners but also dig deeper and find out what Chase was all about. I’m pretty sure I achieved all of that and perhaps a little more. He was a fantastic guest, he was so open to sharing his experiences and advice and I know you will enjoy this episode.

Keep up to date with all of Chase Tucker’s outdoor adventures and training sessions:

Website: basecamptraining.com.au

Facebook: basecampfit

Instagram: @chase_mountains

YouTube: Chase Mountains


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what3words app saves injured hikers

If you heard about a phone app leading to an injured hiker being rescued, you’d probably assume it was something like TopoMaps+ so that you could navigate your way to safety. Or perhaps a messaging type app to communicate with a rescue team. In this unique situation though, when the ambulance team were unable to get exact location details from the hikers, they turned to what3words. The injured hikers had mobile phone reception the ambulance crew were able to send them a link to the app and gain their exact location down to the square metre. In case you are wondering, they were found at murky founding spoonfuls.

Read the whole article on abc.net.au

image: what3words.com

Gym junkies hitting the outdoors

It certainly didn’t surprise me that more people are taking on the trails since gyms are mostly still closed for COVID-19. It didn’t surprise me to hear that a lot of those people were really enjoying new experiences like hiking and mountain biking. What I took away from the article though was the hope that perhaps, even after the gyms open again, that these people continue to include the outdoors in their fitness regime. After all, you and I know the positive benefits of spending time outside. 

Read the whole story at washingtonpost.com

Is yellowstone ready to erupt?

Around the start of June, 2020, Yellowstone’s supervolcano decided to get our attention with a display of almost a dozen earthquakes in a single day. It’s nothing unusual for this sort of thing to happen every couple of decades or so but hey, it’s 2020 and we know that anything can happen. Lets hope it simmers down and stays nice and relaxed.

Check out the whole story at sciencealert.com

image: nationalgeographic.com.au


Steph Davis - from climbing to Base-jumping

The story of Steph Davis’ journey from sponsored climber to base jumper is both heartbreaking and extraordinary at the same time. In this short film, put together for Mammut, Steph tells us her story. The end result is an inspiring film that helps you appreciate what you already have and equally makes you want to immediately grab your boot and pack and hit the trail.


Daily fitness routine for hikers

This routine by Chase is one of my personal favourites. Lots of focus on mobility and controlled strength. 

elements fitness program

Chase explained his Elements Fitness Program during the podcast but here it is again, without us interrupting him. He’s also generously giving away five of his programs for free to our listeners. Jump over to our Instagram or Facebook to find out how to have a chance at grabbing one. 

There’s a whole lot more information about the Elements Fitness program, specifically aimed at preparing hikers for the mountains, right here for your reading pleasure.

how to build mental strength

Mental strength is as important, if not more important that physical strength at times in the wilderness. We spoke to chase about the benefits of a strong mind during the podcast.

Read the entire Mental Strength article on his website: basecamptraining.com.au

Head to the mountains - clear your head

We spoke to Chase during the podcast about dopamine fasting and his experiences. 

There’s a video below plus a detailed article with all you need to know to prepare for your dopamine fasting in the mountains.

The Flexible hiking boots Chase wears

There’s always going to be debates about the perfect hiking boot. We’re not sure that there is such a thing as personal preference plays such a huge part in comfort and decision making. These lightweight, flexible hiking boots were something that Chase was really impressed by. So impressed that he filmed this gear review:

Why write a Journal?

Somehow we got to talking about writing at one point in the podcast and Chase was telling us about the techniques he adopted from Tim Ferris. Skip straight to 4:30min for his explanation or watch the whole video to get some tips for coping with COVID-19 lockdown.


Glasshouse Mountains - indigenous story

We don’t live too far from this amazing group of mountains. Chase is a big fan of this area too. He also told a near perfect version of the aboriginal dreamtime story that explains the forming of the mountains.

Read the whole story in detail on glasshousecountry.com.au

Photo: Queensland Government

Nathaniel Drew on dopamine detoxing

This is the video that Chase mentioned that gave him the inspiration to get back out into the wilderness and get into some dopamine fasting again. Chase explains his motivations and experiences in detail in the podcast episode.