EPISODE 042: Linda Åkerberg – 2019 Female Adventurer of the Year – HIKE OR DIE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PODCAST

Linda Åkerberg

As a listener of our podcast, you probably know that I like to read a lot of books, especially anything with an outdoor element involved. I stumbled upon Linda Åkerberg’s book ‘Expedition Sverige‘ (or Expedition Sweden) by pure chance through an Instagram post. Sadly my lack of Swedish language knowledge means that for the time being I can only appreciate the pictures. On the upside, seeing that post sparked a series of conversations with Linda that led all the way to her coming on as a guest of the podcast.

Linda is an accomplished outdoor adventurer and in a relatively short amount of time has accumulated more hiking, mountain climbing and kayaking adventures that any average person will in their entire life. Having the opportunity to talk to Linda about her initial introduction to the outdoor adventure world, what continues to drive her now and her future goals was as inspiring as you would expect. It was truly fantastic conversation and most definitely one of my favourites to date.

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Expedition Sverige (Expedition Sweden)

Expedition Sverige (Expedition Sweden) - Linda Åkerberg

This is a fantastic film that Linda was a part of producing and also appears as the host, while she guides you through what it takes to climb Sweden’s highest mountain: Kebnekaise.


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