Hike or Die TV: Episode 11 – SURVIVAL CHALLENGE Part 4 – The real test of a Survival Kit

Join us on our fourth and final day of Survival Challenge as we continue to live only from the contents of our personal survival kits. There’s no doubt that we’re mentally stronger for having put ourselves through such an ordeal. We’ve also identified flaws in both our skills and our gear that we can now improve upon and give ourselves the best possible chance of surviving, should we […]

Hike or Die TV: Episode 10 – SURVIVAL CHALLENGE Part 3 – The real test of a Survival Kit

Part 3 of our 4-part Survival Challenge series sees us continue to battle hunger and energy levels as we enter our third day without a significant meal. Basic chores like collecting firewood are diminishing our energy resources but are too important to skip. We continue to adjust our approach to finding food with no immediate results at first. If you’re interested in a complete breakdown […]

Hike or Die TV: Episode 9 – SURVIVAL CHALLENGE Part 2 – The real test of a Survival Kit

On Part 2 of our Survival Challenge, the cracks begin to appear when things don’t go too well for Craig. Fatigue and hunger begin to work against us both as we begin to find shortcomings in our gear and skills. We begin the search for any food we can find to help us keep up with the calories we are burning.

Hike or Die TV: Episode 8 – SURVIVAL CHALLENGE Part 1 – The real test of a Survival Kit

    When you bring up the topic of survival kits amongst outdoor enthusiasts you’re bound to get a hundred conflicting opinions. When you think about how significantly personal experience, terrain and personal preferences influence what is packed, then it’s no surprise they vary so much. Over the years Craig and I have always had our own discussions around survival kits and probably watched more […]

Hike or Die TV: Episode 5 – Solo overnight hike with Craig

It’s no secret that Craig and I have been delving further and further into solo hiking and camping of late. After my solo canoe trip through the Noosa Everglades I felt, and still feel that something changed inside me. It’s still difficult to put into words but there is something quite primal about being alone in the wild and depending on your own judgement for […]

Hike or Die TV: Episode 4 – Chasing Dragons – The Eastern Waterdragon

I recently spent a couple of days camping on the bank of a stream in South-East Queensland, Australia. It was a fairly relaxed affair and the plan was to get up into the mountains and check out some potential locations for future Hike or Die TV episodes. Now, If you spend enough time around rivers, creeks and waterways in Australia, sooner or later you are […]

Hike or Die TV: Episode 3 – Solo Canoe Adventure PART 2 – Noosa, Australia

This episode of Hike or Die TV sees me complete the last half of my 3 day canoe journey through the Noosa Everglades in the Upper Noosa River system. After paddling and hiking for two days the fatigue started to take it’s toll. Simple tasks like filming were becoming increasingly difficult and I had to force myself to continue to do so. I’m grateful that […]

Hike or Die TV: Episode 2 – Solo Canoe Adventure – Noosa, Australia

In late 2012, after around 6 months of planning, I finally set-off on my first solo trip. It was a 3 day, 70km canoe journey into an area of Australia known as the Noosa Everglades. At the time, Hike or Die was nothing more than an idea but I decided to film as much of the trip as possible even though I didn’t know what I […]