Peak Design POV Capture mount Review

Capture P.O.V. Action Camera Mount Review by Peak Design

I was nearing the end of an 8 month hike-planning extravaganza when my conversations with the Peak Design team began. The timing couldn’t have been better as I was only weeks out from a 7 day solo hike along The Overland Track in Tasmania. Like any other photography/videography/hiking gear junkie, I meticulously research every piece of gear under the sun so I’d already heard of the […]

GEAR REVIEW: Mainstay Ration Pack, Energy Bars & water

This is a versatile product that will suit hikers, hunters, endurance athletes, Preppers and basically anyone else who likes to be prepared for anything from an unexpected vehicle breakdown to nasty weather rolling in. It’s not often that I’ll stand up and tell you that a product has ticked every single box but this is one of those rare gear reviews. I wasn’t necessarily expecting […]

GEAR REVIEW: SOL Emergency Bivvy (Emergency Survival Blanket)

An emergency blanket is something that any outdoor enthusiast, hiker, survivalist or even SHTF prepper should already have in my opinion. It’s such a lightweight and physically small package that there is almost no excuse for having one with you. The uses are limitless. From procuring water to cover from the rain and of course their intended use for maintaining core body temperature, these guys […]

Survival Kit Breakdown Part 3

Hey guys, We’re up to part 3 of 4 this week in the Survival Kit Breakdown and we hope you guys are getting a lot out of it. We are getting some great feedback so it’s good to know it’s of use. In this video I’ll take you through some simple and compact trapping & snare gear, basic first aid supplies that have multiple uses […]

Survival Kit Breakdown Part 2

Hi guys, Here is Part 2 of my Survival Kit Breakdown. I’ll continue to dig through my kit and take you through each item, piece by piece. This week I’ll show you my emergency bivvy, ferro rod modification and more. Thanks for your support. The Hike or Die Team

Survival Kit Breakdown Part 1

A survival kit is a very, very personal item. They way it’s put together, it’s contents and the priority items change significantly from person to person. The contents and size of a kit also differ depending on how long and in what terrain you intend to survive. In this video, I’ll take you through my personal survival kit that I carry with me at all […]

Gear Review: Steripen Journey (Water sterilisation unit)

    Hi guys, This week we have another gear review prepared. This one is a little different in that it goes into much more detail. Effective water filtration and sterilization are essential when you are out on the trail. Even if you aren’t hiking, taking holidays in other countries or rural areas can put you at risk of consuming poor quality water. The Steripen […]