EPISODE 032: Nick Monaghan – Insect Macro Photographer – HIKE OR DIE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PODCAST

Finding art in nature

We have a tendency to move through the wilderness only noticing the big scenery, the dominating mountain ranges and huge trees. There is beauty in all of that but there is also equal beauty to be found in the world of the micro wilderness at our feet, within the bark of a tree or concealed under a leaf.

When Nick Monaghan enters the Australian landscape, he moves at a different pace. Much slower than you or I, but his hike is not about the destination or the distance, it’s about discovery. As a macro-photographer of insects, Nick focuses on a far smaller area to work within and it’s surprising what he can reveal from within that space.

I’ve followed Nick’s work for many years and we decided that it was time to get him onto the podcast to tell us all about the passion, the creatures and the techniques of his art form.

Nick Monaghan at work - image courtesy of abc.net.au

Keep up to date with Nick’s work:

Facebook: lifeunseen

Website: lifeunseen.com

Watch a full interview with Nick: abc.net.au



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Thylacine sighting debunked

We’d all love to hear that the Tasmanian Tiger was alive and well and has been hiding out in the Tasmanian wilderness for the last 90 odd years. A recent video posted by a Tasmanian Thylacine hunter boasted of successfully capturing images of two adults and a baby via a trail camera. Evidence of a breeding couple would certainly suggest that a population would exist. 

Sadly though, when the images were supplied to a museum zoology vertebrate expert, they were found to be not images of the extinct Thylacine but in fact a family of Tasmanian pademelons. 

Read the full article at abc.net.au

Kakadu National Park - Threat of closure

A lack of tourist traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic and problems related to a lack of respect and care shown by visitors for the Kakadu National Park could see the complete closure of the area.

Read the full article at abc.net.au

Mount Warning - summit close looms

The Wollumbin National Park summit, formerly Mount Warning is of great cultural significance to the Aboriginal including the Bundjalung people. To the less culturally aware though, it’s a place to hike to, watch the sunrise and take countless selfies along the way.

It’s no surprise that, similar to the Kakadu article above, the group that represents the Bundjalung people are in discussions about the permanent closure to the summit.

Read the full article at abc.net.au

How to Leave no Trace

By now we should all know that lnt.org is the place to go to learn all you need to know about the 7 Leave No Trace Principles.

Sometimes however, it’s a little harder to put those things into practice or rather, sometimes we need to learn through practical examples and instruction.

When Mike Nicosia sent me a link to his article and asked me to review it, I was excited about what I saw. Mike has put a lot of effort into not only explaining the 7 LNT Principles in layman’s terms but also coupling that information with images and useful videos. Together they form a solid foundation and reference for any level of LNT practitioner. As I said in the podcast, it’s the sort of article you should bookmark in your browser and return to again and again as required.

Read Mike’s full “How to” LNT article at conquerwild.com

Bushtucker man goes digital

The Bushtucker Man as long since been a reference to what is available out there in the Australian wilderness in terms of wild edibles.

Until recently, the work of Les Hiddins (the Bushtucker Man himself) could only be found on his TV show and several books that he has published.

While these are both fantastic learning references that I have used myself over the years, it’s fantastic news to see that Les has made the jump to the digital age and provided us a website packed with resources and references, including images and detailed information.

Check out Les’ site here: bushtuckerman.com.au


Pitt River hot springs magic

In this video, Luke takes us on a journey that starts with paddling a canoe across a lake for 6.5hrs and ends with reaching his final destination via mountain bikes. The Pitt River hot springs, located in British Columbia, Canada, are nothing short of spectacular with it’s magnificent turquoise colour.

Advoko makes - a true craftsman

We’ve all read about people going into the woods and building their own log cabin to leave the world behind.​

Max Egorov manages to do all of that in real life and his journey is fascinating to say the lease. If you enjoy woodwork, bushcraft, creativity or homesteading, you will no doubt love this film and the rest of Max’s YouTube channel.