EPISODE 042: Linda Åkerberg – 2019 Female Adventurer of the Year – HIKE OR DIE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PODCAST

Linda Åkerberg As a listener of our podcast, you probably know that I like to read a lot of books, especially anything with an outdoor element involved. I stumbled upon Linda Åkerberg’s book ‘Expedition Sverige‘ (or Expedition Sweden) by pure chance through an Instagram post. Sadly my lack of Swedish language knowledge means that for the time being I can only appreciate the pictures. On […]

EPISODE 039: Hiking with Leeches, Roasting Bunya Nuts, Backpack giveaway, Dingo Cams and Kokkaffe – HIKE OR DIE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PODCAST

Bunya Nuts and leech attacks This episode is packed with crazy stories from the outdoors and our own recent hiking adventures. Craig got attacked by leeches but we also had time to roast some Bunya nuts by the stream. We’ve also got a whole bunch of HOD news to share AND our first giveaway for a while when we team up with our longtime sponsor […]

EPISODE 038: Coffee, Hiking and ramblings by the stream – HIKE OR DIE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PODCAST

Drink coffee, make podcast If you are an avid listener of the podcast, you’d know how much we like hiking and coffee, especially at the same time. This episode was created around precisely around those two elements when Craig and I decided to get out for the day and brew some coffee in a rainforest. We thought it might be interesting to throw our mics […]


Hiking Mistakes: Our specialty It you learn more from your failures, then Craig and I must be some kind of Hiking Mistake Experts. In this episode we’re sharing every single mistake we’ve ever made in the great outdoors in the hope that you can avoid them yourself.We go into detail about mistakes made in our planning, training, packing, food choices, clothing, footwear, shelter, sleeping gear, […]

Wildlife and nature photographer jody harrison


Your virtual outdoor guide Craig and I were in the middle of a lockdown last week as were (and still are) many others around Australia and the world. We thought it was pretty important to send out some good vibes, share some hiking and outdoor news and put our listeners onto a tonne of good films, documentaries and other great hiking and outdoor related content.  […]

EPISODE 034: Hiking News – Goats, Grizzly Bears, Fungi and New Trails – HIKE OR DIE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PODCAST

Goats, bears and fungi In this episode we are recording from the front porch of a remote cabin right after returning from an overnight trip in the wilderness. We’ve wrangled all the recent hiking and outdoor related articles we possibly could and jammed them into a single episode. If you want to know why feisty goats are chasing hikers, our thoughts on hiking etiquette when […]

EPISODE 033: Shawn Peach – Adventure Cinematographer – HIKE OR DIE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PODCAST

Heading Text Here Episode Spiel copy here Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. INSTAGRAM: @shawnpeach Shawn Peach – Doing what he does best. LISTEN: iTunes Spotify Podbean Official Podcast sponsors: BLUEY MERINO An Australian-owned-and-operated Merino Activewear & Outdoor Clothing company. www.blueymerino.com RHEOS GEAR 100% Polarised, Floating Sunglasses www.rheosgear.com CARIBEE One of Australia’s most […]