EPISODE 038: Coffee, Hiking and ramblings by the stream – HIKE OR DIE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PODCAST

Drink coffee, make podcast

If you are an avid listener of the podcast, you’d know how much we like hiking and coffee, especially at the same time. This episode was created around precisely around those two elements when Craig and I decided to get out for the day and brew some coffee in a rainforest. We thought it might be interesting to throw our mics on and record a podcast episode while we were there. 

With the ambient sounds of the rainforest behind us, we talk coffee brewing, minimal hiking footwear and backpacks plus some big HOD news.



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The HODCAST - NEW Facebook Group

I’ve said it on the podcast many times, but receiving feedback and suggestions f listeners make are fantastic. This one in particular had never occurred to me. I figured we already had an official Hike or Die Facebook page, so why would we need anything else? However, when our podcast listener Robin suggested that it would open up a more conversation between listeners, rather than just being dictated by us, it really did make sense. 

Jump straight over to the page with this link:

The HODCAST Facebook Group

SKINNERS - Half way between a sock and a shoe

I do love minimalist shoes. That has been no secret. We’ve also been on the endless quest for the perfect campsite shoe. The kind of shoe that you can slip on for those midnight calls of nature or just hanging around the campsite after a long day. 

At this point in time Skinners are ticking those boxes for me. I’ve taken them trail running, hiking and even canoeing and they’ve performed as expected every time. They have a very rugged and durable sole and comfortable upper, even in the pouring rain. 

Check them out at:

Image: skinners.cc

Cowboy coffee with Cowboy Kent Rollins

If a video is about brewing coffee outdoors on a stove, then you might my attention. Add the word “cowboy” and you’ll have it 100% of the time. 

Cowboy Kent Rollins is a guy I’ve been following on YouTube for a long time purely because his outdoor cooking cuisine is something special. I cook a lot on an open fire so he’s a great resource to give me ideas and recipes. But when I stumbled upon his Cowboy Coffee video, I thought it was too good to be true. However, I’ve tested this method multiple times in the outdoors and on a stove top and it delivers every time.

Try it for yourself and check out his video below.


These are the fire logs that Craig took hiking, as mentioned in the episode. The Samba brand Firelog are what he used and what seem to be available in Australia. The Duraflame brand seem to be quite popular in the US. 

You can learn more about both brands here:



Image: sambafireandbbq.com.au
Image: duraflame.com