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Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Safety & Preparedness

With National Preparedness Month currently in full swing for our U.S. friends, we thought we’d dedicate this episode to Outdoor & Tail Safety. There’s a bunch of good info in this episode to keep you safe out there in the wilderness. We share detailed tips and recommendations on physical fitness, communication, outdoor clothing, first aid, water purification, navigation, food and tons more. It’s quite literally everything we know about outdoor safety all crammed into one MEGA-SIZED episode.

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MOUNTAIN RELIEF Been watching a lot of adventure sports videos lately, with many of them being in the mountains. So much so that the urge to take a mountain image hit me hard. Unfortunately, in West Tennessee, you can’t just go out and take a pic of a mountain – they’re aren’t any for several hours! To relieve this urge, I chose to go back to my last trip to mountains, specifically the 2017 Colorado Fall Color Tour, and edit an existing image. This shot is from the entrance to Schmid Ranch on the Wilson Mesa, nestled beautifully in front of Wilson Peak and the San Juan Mountains in Telluride, CO. I’ve shared another image from here at a different angle showing the ranch below, but I loved the road and fence line on top of this hill, so thought it would make for a decent offset to the previous image. We had just waited out a big rain and the resulting cloud formations over the mountains were absolutely awesome! I guess that will satisfy my urge for now. Hopefully, I’ll see some real mountains before the next urge comes at me! Wilson Mesa, Telluride, CO, September 29, 2017 Aperture:f/11 ISO: 50 Shutter Speed: 1/25 second Focal Length: 35mm Sony A7II Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 Lee 3 stop soft grad ND Circular Polarizer Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Luminar 2018 #mountains #Colorado #fallcolortour2017 #sonya7ii #sonyalphasclub #sonyimages #mirroless #exploringthefrontier

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