Hike or Die TV: Episode 8 – SURVIVAL CHALLENGE Part 1 – The real test of a Survival Kit



When you bring up the topic of survival kits amongst outdoor enthusiasts you’re bound to get a hundred conflicting opinions. When you think about how significantly personal experience, terrain and personal preferences influence what is packed, then it’s no surprise they vary so much.

Over the years Craig and I have always had our own discussions around survival kits and probably watched more YouTube videos on the subject than we care to admit. We both own countless gadgets purchased from eBay on our path to constructing the ultimate survival kit. Then one day we had a lightbulb moment: “Why don’t we put our survival kits to the ultimate test?”. It was at that point we agreed that we would walk into the wilderness with nothing but our survival kits to support us and our cameras to document the challenge.

This challenge was performed under controlled conditions, and what I mean by that is, although we were a long way from help, we were not lost. We also had permission from the land owner to use his property. Due to the physical time it takes to film such a production, we also used a Steripen to sterilise water to make up for time we’d lose by boiling it. Apart from that, everything you see us use is from our survival kits, pockets or belts.

I really hope you enjoy watching this series as it exposes the good and bad in the choices we made along the way. Hopefully it can help you bypass some of those yourself. If you are interested, I also recorded a series of videos documenting every item in the exact survival kit that I took on that trip.

Thanks for reading and watching guys. Be safe out there.

Tom Griffin