Hike or Die TV: Episode 4 – Chasing Dragons – The Eastern Waterdragon

I recently spent a couple of days camping on the bank of a stream in South-East Queensland, Australia. It was a fairly relaxed affair and the plan was to get up into the mountains and check out some potential locations for future Hike or Die TV episodes.

Now, If you spend enough time around rivers, creeks and waterways in Australia, sooner or later you are going to come into contact with a Water Dragon. They are huge lizards that live within close proximity of water for both it’s protection and the unlimited food options both in and out of the water. That right, in the water too. These guys are so comfortable spending time underwater you’d mistake them for some sort of fish or eel if you didn’t know better. They can’t breathe underwater but their ability to hold their breath for 90 minutes takes care of that problem.

Check out the video and see some footage that I took of a waterdragon and my attempt at catching him for a closer look.

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy the episode.

Tom Griffin
Tom Griffin