2020 hiking year in review

In our final podcast episode for 2020, we decided to close out with something different. We invited two previous podcast guests to return and hang out with us while we drank eggnog and recounted the year that was.

Landscape photographer and film maker, Oddbjørn Austevik joined us from Norway and by pure coincidence, mountain climbing trainer and guide, Chase Tucker also joined us from Norway.


Chase Tucker

Chase originally joined us on podcast episode 25 earlier this year to educate us on functional training for hiking and mountain climbing. Chase fills us in on what he’s been up to since we spoke, including hiking across the entire country of Spain (and editing all of the footage into some beautiful films).

Learn more about chase and follow his adventures:

Website: basecamptraining.com.au

Facebook: basecampfit

Instagram: @chase_mountains

YouTube: Chase Mountains


Oddbjørn Austevik

Oddbjørn was the first guest to ever join us on the podcast in Episode 5 way back in 2018. Since we last spoke to him, he’s been very busy with his YouTube channel and several other side projects. 

Check out Oddbjørn’s adventures and photography:

Website: oaustevikfoto.wixsite.com

Facebook: StormOkok

Instagram: @oddbjornaustevikfoto

YouTube: oddbjørn austevik foto


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Answer: The Box Jellyfish

eggnog recipe

Just in case you were interested, the fantastic eggnog recipe I followed is below. I can’t tell you how good this was but I guess you got the idea in the podcast. Make some for yourself and let me know how you go. 🙂


Hiker lives... after dying for 45min

So many times when we hear of hikers going missing, especially in freezing conditions, we think of the worst. When 45 year old hiker, Michael Knapinski found himself lost in Mount Rainier national park during a whiteout, the worst did happen. He was found barely alive and died while in ER. He stayed that way for 45 minutes while a team used some of the most advanced techniques in the world to keep his blood oxygenated. Michael eventually returned to consciousness and has fully recovered. It’s the kind of good ending we don’t often get in these kind of stories.

Read the full article on seattletimes.com

Move to Arkansas - Collect $10K & a mountain bike.

This year has seen people all over the workd reevaluate exactly what they want from their lives. It mishg be a better work/life balance, more time with the family, or to live closer to some fantastic hiking trails. 

If it’s the latter, you just might be in luck! Northwest Arkansas is keen to get some more people to come and live out in their fantastic state and to spice up the deal, they’ll give you $10K and a free mountain bike for your troubles. If you really aren’t interested in mountain biking, they are willing to make that an annual pass to the local cultural institutions like the museum or gallery. If you’re considering a tree-change, it might be time to start packing your bags.

Read the full article at wjla.com

Rocky Mountain treasure found!

We originally covered this story in podcast Episode 20, our first episode of the year. I expected it to be something that we’d never really hear about again except perhaps for more hikers becoming lost, injured or even worse trying to find the treasure.

I was certainly surprised to find out that not only was the treasure real, but it was discovered earlier this year by 32 year old man. The treasure in the chest is estimated to be full of over $1million of gold and antiques.

Read the full article at wjla.com

Bridge for animals

There’s not much to say about this one except that it’s a great initiative by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources that allows animals to use dedicated bridges to avoid crossing major roads.

Check out the video below for some animals you might not expect to see using the facility.

Animal bridge timelapse

Still one of my favourite video finds of 2020. Spectacular footage through the seasons of a log crossing over a stream. Do yourself a favour and read some of the comments on YouTube too.


Ambulance crews were able to locate the exact location of an injured hiker through the use of this app.

Read the full article at abc.net.au


The Ghosts Above

In this film, Renan Ozturk leads a team onto the face of Everest in search of a hidden secret, or rather, something that could rewrite the history books.

MOONWalk - not the kind you're thinking of

Another Renan Ozturk film in which he undertakes a massive task, over many months of capturing a full moon shot with a guy slacklining in the foreground.


A lot of the things spoken about in this film resonated with me. Some very interesting perspectives from people being interviewed on the trail. I’m sure we all know why we hike, but sometimes it’s nice to know other people are thinking the same thing.

The ice tunnel in Jotunheimen

This is the fantastic film that we discussed with Oddbjørn of his time spent within a glacier, capturing footage and photographs. 

Chase film

Check out part 1 of Chases 500 mile solo thru hike across Spain. It’s what I’d call an inspirational film beautiful captured and edited by Chase.

Make sure you check out the full series in this playlist: Crossing the Pyrenees Series

Chase Mountains fitness

When Chase isn’t in the mountains, he’s training to be in the mountains. Here’s one of many training videos he’s released. Get into it and get yourself in shape for your next hike!

Green Forest

This film is slow, but it’s beautifully shot and quite mesmerising in a lot of ways.

Winter in Norway

This was Oddbjørn’s Christmas video from last year. As an Australian, with hot summer weather during the festive season, it was beautiful to see so much snow.

Arctic Fox

This arctic fox is probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. His interaction with the photographer in this footage is fascinating.


Garmin inreach

Craig and I both just picked up one of these Garmin InReach Mini satellite communicator. We’re both looking forward to getting them out on the trail and testing them out. We’ll let you know how we go on future podcast episode. 

See the video below for everything you need to know or check out all the specs on garmin.com