EPISODE 029: Ross McGibbon – Dangerous Snake Photographer – HIKE OR DIE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PODCAST

Face to face with danger

The fear of being bitten by a snake is quite often cited as being the reason for many people not wanting to venture into the wilderness and explore. More often than not, we have made our minds polluted in a sense in regards to understanding snakes, their habits and most importantly, their motives. Too many fables, tall stories and misconceptions in the media have led to grossly over-exaggerated information relating to snake attacks an encounters.

When I saw Ross McGibbon’s amazing snake photography through his Instagram account earlier this year, it was immediately evident that he had a love and respect for these reptiles beyond that of a normal person. That’s also why it was clear to me that we needed to get him onto our podcast to help educate ourselves and our listeners.

Ross shared his incredibly insightful knowledge of snake with us and i’m very excited to be able to share that with a wider audience. Regardless of your opinion of snakes, you need to listen to this episode. I know you will walk away with valuable information either way.

You can check out all of Ross’ work through the links below:

Website: rmrphotography.com.au

Facebook: RossMcGibbonReptilePhotography

Instagram: ross_mcgibbon_photography

YouTube: Ross McGibbon Reptile Photography

Buy a 2021 calendar here: Ross McGibbon 2021 Calendar

Photo Credit: rmrphotography.com.au


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