HIKE OR DIE Outdoor Adventure Podcast Episode 004

Episode 004 – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast


In this episode we introduce our sponsors (Bluey Merino, Rheos Sunglasses, Topo Maps+ and Caribee Outdoor Gear). We also let you know how you can get an exclusive offer on Topo Maps+ and enter a competition to win a merino wool base-layer t-shirt. From there we discuss the wonderful world of hiking with girls including the inevitable She Wee chat. More snake encounters, more gear testing and more shout outs. It’s our longest podcast yet, so get into it!

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Our offical Podcast sponsors:

BLUEY MERINO – A fully Australian-owned-and-operated Merino Activewear & Outdoor Clothing company.

RHEOS GEAR – Floating Sunglasses (Available in Australia through HOWDOG Fishing & Outdoors)

TOPO MAPS+ – Go deeper into the backcountry

CARIBEE – One of Australia’s most well known and leading backpack, travel and outdoor brands.


Miss Healthy Happy Liftstyle’s Instagram

Midge_Jet’s Instagram


Here’s a link to the Caribee Trident Waterproof Rucksack (pictured below) that I put to the test while hiking down the river and through the gorge.

Caribee Trident 32L Waterproof Rucksack

Check out Mika’s Instagram. He’s the guy we mentioned that takes amazing photos of the area I was hiking in with the girls. This is one of Mika’s shots from his Instagram account and if you look closely, the large boulder above and to the right of the waterfall is where we had to jump in from. Just for context, the boulder itself is about 6ft tall.

Here’s that snake that Tom saw from his 4×4. The “Common Tree Snake”.
Original image and more info can be found here: snakecatcherbrisbane.net.au

I was very badly trying to explain what Jess (a long time follower of ours) is doing to work with a group that connects women with nature. Thankfully you can visit therewildingproject.com.au and read all about it yourself. It’s definitely something we are keen to keep an eye on in the future.

Here’s Chrissy and Caz’s website (the guys that I met on the trail 3 years ago) full of awesome photography (see below) and stories: awildland.blogspot.com.au

One of the many beautiful photographs you'll find on awildland.blogspot.com.au
One of the many beautiful photographs you’ll find on awildland.blogspot.com.au

And last, but not least, everything you wanted to know about the She Wee!!