Our adventure, straight from the trails of Tasmania We’re back from our amazing adventure in Tasmania. We hiked the Overland Track, 65km through spectacular wilderness. Available on: iTunes: Episode 014: Adventure in Tasmania – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast Podbean: Episode 014: Adventure in Tasmania – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast Special thanks to our offical Podcast sponsors: BLUEY MERINO – A fully Australian-owned-and-operated Merino […]

Episode 013: With guests Caz and Chrissy from A Wild Land – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast

With special guests & nomadic adventurers Caz and Chrissy from A Wild Land I met Caz and Chrissy from A Wild Land many years ago while hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania. We had so much fun together that we have stayed in touch ever since and it’s with great pleasure that we were able to finally organise them as guests on the podcast. When […]

Episode 011: Thomas Ivung Outdoor Sweden – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast

With special guest & Swedish outdoorsman Thomas Ivung Our first podcast of 2019 takes us to the forests of Sweden where we talk to Swedish outdoorsman Thomas Vuling. We discuss his passion for the outdoors, his philosophies, favourite gear, Nordic Gods, the Sami people, wolves and Kent the Moose. This was all while he tended to his fire, sipped his coffee and was barked at […]

Episode 010: Make adversity your friend – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast

Episode 10: Make Adversity Your Friend. We all deal with varying levels of adversity within our daily lives but stepping into the wild can easily place bigger and badder obstacles in front of us. There’s a physical and mental resilience that we develop as we move through nature and interact with the outdoors. That’s the sort of adversity we discuss in this episode and that’s […]

Episode 008: Tanya Hodgson, Ultra Runner – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast

Ultra runner, trail running and more with special guest Tanya Hodgson. Tanya is an ultra runner, trail runner, kayaker and pistol-totin’ hiking badass. When we catch up with her on this podcast episode, we get the opportunity to delve deep into all those adventures. Tanya has battled her own demons in the past but the result is an energetic, strong, inspiring woman who loves spending time […]

Episode 009: TENT vs HAMMOCK – The Ultimate Battle – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast

TENT vs HAMMOCK! The ultimate battle. We’re not afraid to tackle the big issues on our podcast and this is most definitely one of them. It’s a topic that often polarises the outdoor community and for that reason, we wanted to get into the nitty gritty details of both options. The battle gets heated and benefits and downsides are presented on both fronts. Who will win […]

Episode 007 – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast

Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Safety & Preparedness With National Preparedness Month currently in full swing for our U.S. friends, we thought we’d dedicate this episode to Outdoor & Tail Safety. There’s a bunch of good info in this episode to keep you safe out there in the wilderness. We share detailed tips and recommendations on physical fitness, communication, outdoor clothing, first aid, water purification, navigation, […]

Episode 006 – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast

Hiking ethics, Leave No Trace Principles & Trail etiquette. In this episode we delve into the controversial, often misunderstood and tricky world of human impact on the great outdoors. We take you into the wilderness and while watching the sun set and moon rise we discuss the 7 principles of Leave No Trace, how they apply to what we do and some examples of our own mistakes in […]

Episode 005 – Hike or Die Outdoor Adventure Podcast

With landscape photographer Oddbjørn Austevik. We have our first ever guest on this episode of the podcast and he’s a landscape photographer all the way from Norway! We announce the winners of the Bluey Merino competition and then we get stuck into what was a truly enjoyable conversation with a guy who’s enthusiasm for adventure and photography is something to be admired. He tells us […]